Wine, Women and Style

It’s early spring in Niagara. The first buds of the season have yet to emerge in the midday sun, while the last little mounds of dirty snow remain, clinging stubbornly to the roadside, caked with unpleasant bits of stony asphalt and sand. But in the vineyard, the winemakers begin to plan. What will nature and… Read more »

Taking Your Jeans Global Chic

Blue jeans. Everybody wears them. Mostly because they’re comfortable, or so they say. But denim pants are hardly the most comfortable item of clothing in anybody’s closet. Sweat pants and pajama bottoms score higher on that scale. Physically comfortable that is, But psychologically? Now that’s a different story. Blue jeans are the most socially iconic… Read more »

The Best Choices for the Humble Coffee Table and How to Dress It

How important is a coffee table to the overall design and functionality of a room? The short answer is very. Right now, the marketplace is full of an infinite number of creative choices for all room styles and decorative tastes taking it from its humble and functional roots in 1920’s Europe, where it was initially… Read more »

How To Wear Red This Season

Every year fashion changes. Runway looks come and go but some things are constant. Like classic pearls, a good handbag, ankle boots, and the color red. Red is the ultimate global color, crossing all cultural and ethnic lines, blurring time and space and the nature of things. It is a color that has ruled both… Read more »

The “BadAss” Woman – Part 1

If you’re like me you may have already noticed that the media of today including, the Internet, cinema, cable TV, and even contemporary fictional literature has a new definition for the badass woman. I watch, with mild fascination, the glittering new icons of femininity that grace screens, large and small with recent colorful images. This… Read more »

The Elegant Hybrid – Adding Mojo to Your Space

Every year we predict that interior design and décor trends are about to make a turnaround ushering in some new and daring changes for the home and office space. After years of simple neutrals and hard-edged minimalist design, it appears that 2018 is finally escorting in some major style changes which will be impossible to… Read more »

Is Less More? or Is It Just A Bore?

  Over the past couple of decades or so the business of designing any interior space, whether that be home, office, retail or hospitality has revolved around a campaign of “less is more” which loosely translated becomes minimalism in the purest sense. Answering to the excesses of the 1980’s and 90’s, decades that everyone would… Read more »

Is Fashion Folly? Or A Global Statement

To the average intellectual spiritualist, the entire concept of fashion, that is what we wear, how we look to others and how it affects our singular importance in the world is mere folly and frivolity. Fashion is for silly, superficial types who spend far too much time and money on the adorning of their exterior… Read more »

What’s the Matter with You?

Do you ever get the discomforting feeling that you’re a bad person? Or maybe lazy and undisciplined? A person who never learned how to develop passions to follow? Your own special place in the world? The ability to contribute something unique to the world or at least to your community? Maybe there’s something the matter… Read more »

Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Younger

For most people in this world, life is spent on a careful journey of planning, strategizing and avoiding. Avoiding is the most interesting of these three activities because it specifically revolves around the nasty business of change, unhappy surprises and most of all, trouble. It seems that most of us will do whatever it takes… Read more »