Every year fashion changes. Runway looks come and go but some things are constant. Like classic pearls, a good handbag, ankle boots, and the color red.
Red is the ultimate global color, crossing all cultural and ethnic lines, blurring time and space and the nature of things. It is a color that has ruled both sinners and saints and this season it is the it color. The one you should have in your closet. A statement you should be making regardless of who you are, what you do or where you live.
Red, in all its hues and saturations, has the ability to communicate more connotations than any other. Happy, grieving, sensuous, earthy, playful. It’s character, and many varied hues, make it the most adventurous of colors. Anyone can wear some variation of it. Everybody should. But if you’re uncertain as to how to incorporate it successfully into your wardrobe right now, here are the top ways to introduce it without breaking the bank, shocking your co-workers or losing the one you love.
If it’s right for Dorothy, it’s right for you
Keeping your wardrobe simple, classic and your clothing flattering is what stylish women do. Brown, grey, taupe, ivory and the all-important classic black should be the foundation for any girls’ wardrobe but the shoes, well that’s another story. Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world. Incorporating stylish red shoes will be the one element that can take your basic neutrals from frumpy and dull to playful and sexy. Stilettos, a stylish pump or fabulous flats are all good choices here and have no age limit.
Ditch the frumpy brown handbag
Just because you’re in head to toe neutrals doesn’t mean you have to look boring. Ditch that tired and oversized tote and grab yourself a stylish satchel or clutch in fire engine red. Nothing adds more pizazz to your grey flannel than a shot of arm candy when lunching with the ladies or enjoying cocktails after five. And if you aren’t doing any one of these two things then buy yourself a stunning red bag and see where it takes you. Leather is always an excellent choice, including the vegan variety, lizard, alligator, and all other skins are stylish beyond belief while red patent leather is a showstopper. These are the top choices for any woman.
Make it a sleight of the hand
Living in the north is no picnic during those endless dreary winter months. So, every woman out there should be investing in a smart and flattering winter coat and her choice of color should follow the classic routine of neutral. That means black, brown, charcoal grey, camel or navy. But how can you spruce up your look over those frosty winter months? Three words, red leather gloves. Not the knitted variety and absolutely not, heaven forbid, mittens, those are best left for children on a schoolyard playground. Leather is the only choice, even if that choice is of the vegan variety. Stunning leather gloves are as sensuous as black lingerie but more acceptable when you’re doing business.
It’s all in the wrist
What could be more glamorous than a classic cashmere sweater paired with a pair of flattering trousers or a slick pencil skirt but a shot of red at your wrist? One or two big chunky red bangles in Bakelite plastic or cinnabar will add immeasurably to your simple ensemble or, if you prefer, try a series of smaller bangles and add lots of them, the more you wear the chicer you will be.
My boots are made for walkin’
Now don’t try this if you spend a lot of time around faint-hearted men. This is for the brave of heart. 2018 is the year to wear siren red, over the top, badass girl, take no prisoners suede boots. I’m not talking about muk luks here. If you want to knock ‘em dead then you need a pair of full-blown over the knee skinny heel, pointy-toed red-hot mamas. But keep in mind, once you’ve walked around the office like this you may have a line up of suitors serenading you beneath your bedroom window at night.
And like love, every woman needs a red scarf
Scarf, stole, shawl or wrap. Silk, cashmere, wool or velvet. All are good. A handsome red scarf will bag a compliment from even the stingiest of co-workers and those who watch as you saunter down the street in your village. Choose one, choose many, you’ll never outgrow them, and as you might imagine, they never go out of fashion. Select brilliant red, handsome claret or earthy burgundy. This is a case where too much can never be enough.
You can hold my hand but don’t kiss these lips
Express yourself. Be playful, be alluring, even slinky! And do it all by adding red lips and nails to your repertoire. Adding a shot of red to your lips changes the woman you are. Think worldly. Authoritative. Powerful. Be the woman in charge. No one will ever look at you the same way again. However, if the thought of cherry red lips scares you, then seek out the advice of a specialist at the best cosmetic counter you can find. Choose more than one shade to suit all your moods. Remember, the redder the lipstick, the wilder the woman.
As well, for the ultimate combo, paint your nails a brilliant red to match. But keep them a little shorter. Long red talons make too much of a statement and we don’t want to look completely untouchable or witchy.
Now, about that cherry on the top
Is a red hat a clever idea? Sometimes the answer is yes but most often it’s no. Unless you want to take your place amongst the women who are happily proclaiming their advancing age by joining the “Red Hat Society”, stay away from any red hat with a brim in either wool, felt, fur or straw.
A red hat seems like a fabulous idea and it can be, but only if worn as a “fascinator”. These little jewel boxes are charming for women of all ages and don’t relegate you to a club of senior ladies with futures that may be dim. I for one will never wear any red hat unless it’s cocktail chic even if I should live to be 110. And that IS my final word on it.
Now repeat after me…”Red is my friend.”

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